Zirconium (zircon, zirconia) is a transition metal discovered in the 18th century. From aerospace to military, zirconium is used in many fields. Because of its corrosion resistance of zirconium, it is a preferred metal in many areas species. Zirconium is white and permeable and therefor it is preferred to be used in dentistry as base of zirconium-ceramic crowns.

Zirconia crowns can be applied to everyone. It has no allergens and can be used in a big range. There is also no age limit. They are translucent and white. Thanks to the transmission of light, zirconia crowns look more similar to natural tooth. Zirconium can be applied on the implant and it did not show any interaction with the titanium. Does the transmittance of teeth disappear with zirconia crowns? The light transmission of the natural tooth and the zircon crown is identical. It can especially be used by patients who wish an aesthetic look.

Zirconium is made by a special 3-dimensional computer program, called CAD/CAM. Also the technicians must work very carefully and precisely. The treatment will take on average about 5 days.


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