For solving the aesthetical problems at the anterior region, at which there is not a missing tooth, fixed prosthetic restorations are used. The aesthetics problem, which is one of the biggest concerns of the patients, have been tried to be solved with full crowns for many years. However this is an application at which there happens a vast amount of material loss in the tooth. Lifting the bigger part of the dental tissue may lead to several problems. Thus, the value of the natural dental tissue has been understood better, and the restorations at which the material loss is minimal are targeted in order to minimize the permanent damage in the tissue.

The restorative materials and the rapid improvements at the adhesive technology make us able to make aesthetical restorations at which the natural dental tissue is protected. Laminated Porcelain Veneer is a protective choice for full crowns for improving the appearance of the anterior teeth. In recent years, Laminated Porcelain Veneer has become one of the most popular restorations of the dentistry. Laminated Porcelain Veneer is a method which removes the aesthetical problems by changing the colours and the shapes of the teeth. Laminated Porcelain Veneer, which is prepared within the lab environment by the dentist, is administered to the front side of the tooth with adhesive methods.

The administration of the laminated porcelain veneer to the tooth may be done in two sessions at least. The durations of the sessions change depending upon the number of laminated porcelain veneers which would be administered. At the first session, the enamel part of the tooth is corroded around 0.3 – 1.0 millimetre, and the measurement is taken. At some cases, there is no need to corrode the tooth. At the later session, the laminated porcelain veneer, which is prepared within the lab environment in accordance with the smile design and the tooth colour of the patient, is administered to the exterior surface of the tooth with the adhesives which has got the similar colour with the tooth.

This therapy is the most protective treatment alternative in the dental discolouring cases based upon general factors which are genetic or acquired, or the local factors like trauma and infection, for providing a permanent whiteness.


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