Dental Implant is the tooth-root made of artificial titanium, and it is placed in the jawbone instead of the teeth which has been lost due to several reasons. Implant treatment provides better speaking and chewing functionalities in respect to traditional dental veneers and prosthesis, along with bringing a natural appearance in your face. Dental Implant is a comfortable and safe application. The operation can be done with local anaesthesia without feeling any pain or discomfort.

The prosthesis over implant has got a more aesthetical appearance in respect to other prosthesis. Under favour of the dental implant, lack of tooth may be removed without touching the healthy teeth around the missing tooth. Dental Implant provides increasing in the holding capacity of the prosthesis in people who use total prosthesis supported by dental implants.

Dental Implant Treatment is a long-lasting therapy, which is performed in our country and all around the world with a very high success rate. There is no “date of expiry” for a dental implant. When an ideal mouth care is provided, you may use your dental implants safely for long years. Dental Implant application has got minor risks as it is in every surgical operation. However these risks are minimized with a clinic/radiologic assessment and with a meticulous surgical operation, and the dental implant treatment is administered safely.


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