The smile design is a treatment method based on the individual wishes. The shape of the teeth is taken according to the measurement of the face, also the method deals with many aesthetic criteria such as facial shape, smile, teeth shape and color, patient's lips, and the amount of gum appearing when the patient laughs, because all this criteria are important in designing the smile. There are appropriate treatment options for the patient, if you have a problem with the color of the teeth we can open the color of the teeth by whitening it, which can make the color of your teeth one or two degrees whiter.

Smile design is usually done digitally, where the desired changes can be done accurately, appropriately to the facial and jaw structures of the person, on the teeth with high quality. To give the patient an idea about the appearance that will look after his mouth after treatment, a similar model is built to correct the imbalances in the patient teeth’s, using special materials such as the following: laminate, composite laminate, luminaires, full porcelain crowns or inlay inserts, bonding.

After taking the measurement with the optical camera. The image taken by the patient is directly transferred to a connected computer along with the measurements taken. The lips, their size and appearance according to the smile line, are important in designing the ideal smile as important as the teeth and gum. If the design of the smile requires a lipid correction disorders, it can be solved with simple interventions.

The quote of “The most beautiful makeup is the beautiful smile” was not said vainly. The smile design helps to capture your dream smile that draws the most attention to your face.


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