In this technology, a small box is formed from the thin plates which can melt on the jawbone of the patient. Then the inside of this box is filled with bone graft, and the upper surface of the box is coated with the gum (gingiva). If the operation was performed for gaining place within the jawbone for dental implantation, dental implants is implemented with the second surgical intervention, and after the implantation, implant-supported dental prosthesis are made.

The Box Technology is implemented in the patients who had dental implantation before and have bone loss around the implant with several reasons, and in the patients at whom the bone tissue should be formed again for providing an aesthetic result in the anterior region especially.

The advantages of the Box Technology are its applicability without taking the needed bone from another part of the body in the patients with severe resorption, the disusing of any tool or apparatus for gaining extra bone tissue, the possibility of forming bone tissue again in the defects aroused from the infection around the available implants in the mouth of the patient, and the predictable and safe results which may be obtained under the favour of the box used. The duration of the treatment changes depending on the quantity of bone graft which used, the systemic situation of the patient, and the region to which the treatment is administered. However it should be taken into consideration that the disappearing of the plates in the body by disintegrating may take six months at least. Approximately 6-8 months after the first surgical intervention, the bone in the region becomes healed and fused.


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